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2024 Diversity Scholarships

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The NRPA Diversity Scholarships (up to 2) support individuals from historically underrepresented groups in the parks and recreation community as well as those that demonstrate outstanding contributions serving diverse communities with hopes of engaging their interest in future leadership roles within the association. Participants will meet with mentors, be recognized at the awards ceremony and attend various conference sessions and meetings. A primary focus of the program is to inspire future participation and leadership in NRPA and to develop professional contacts. Conference registration will be complimentary and a travel/hotel stipend will be provided.

The nomination deadline is March 29, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a current member of NRPA.
  • May be a professional or advocate. Specific qualifications vary (see below).
  • Must be an individual from an underrepresented group in the park and recreation community; and/or demonstrate outstanding current or continuing contributions serving diverse communities, specifically related to parks and recreation programs and services.
  • Must attend the 2024 NRPA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia  October 8-10, 2024.
  • May only apply for one fellowship or one scholarship per year.
  • Prior Diversity Scholarship or Young Professional Fellowship recipients are not eligible.

    Eligibility Criteria for Parks and Recreation Professionals:
  • Currently employed in parks, recreation or leisure services.
  • Demonstrates potential leadership in the field of parks and recreation as evidenced by work and volunteer history.

    Eligibility Criteria for Advocates:
  • May be an elected official; an appointed, non-paid official; or volunteer.
  • Demonstrates a history of support of public parks and recreation and demonstrates potential leadership in the field as evidenced by volunteer history.

Required Materials:

  • Answers to the questions provided in the application form
  • Short essay responses (no more than 250 words for each) to the following questions:
    • Why is the applicant seeking this scholarship and how will they apply the experience professionally within their community?
    • Describe how the applicant has implemented and promoted best practices of inclusion of multicultural groups within their community.
    • Describe the applicant's passion and enthusiasm for the field of parks and recreation.
  • Resume (professionals) or biography (advocates) providing examples of contributions relevant to the criteria of this scholarship.
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with contributions relevant to the criteria for this scholarship.
    • Professionals - one (1) letter from a supervisor and one (1) letter from a colleague or advocate knowledgeable of your job performance.
    • Advocates - one (1) letter from a park and recreation professional and one (1) letter from another professional or fellow advocate, both knowledgeable of your contributions to public parks and recreation.

Application Instructions:

  • All applications must be received by NRPA no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on March 29, 2024.
  • Applicant may only use this official application form.
  • Applicants must have or create an NRPA login account to complete an application.
  • All materials must be submitted electronically in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.
  • Application is automatically disqualified if it does not meet criteria or submission instructions.
  • This format has a save and continue feature that is located at the bottom of the question pages.

Terms and Conditions:

  • NRPA reserves the right to disqualify an application if in NRPA’s sole discretion it determines that the application does not contain truthful information, is contrary to the standards or policies of NRPA, or violates applicable laws, or if the nominee acted contrary to the standards or policies of NRPA, or violated applicable law or could reflect negatively on NRPA.
  • NRPA reserves the right to revoke any award or prize if in NRPA’s sole discretion it determines that the awardee acted contrary to the standards or policies of NRPA or acted in violation of applicable laws or could reflect negatively on NRPA.

For more information, contact the NRPA Awards Program at awards@nrpa.org.

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